Years of Experience

Welcome to Sajilee Group

The founder of Sajilee group of Companies is Mr.Joseph Muringayil in 1980 at Mannarkkad - Palakkad District, Kerala. The humble initiative with great desire of Mr.Joseph to help the lives of the common people of his Village by providing financial assistance through chitties and loans have received acceptance and support from all sections of the people in the area. Chitties helped them escape the clutches of the main chance financiers. The founder was very particular in observing transparency in all activities of the Company, which in turn captured the trust and co-operation of the people associated with the Company. Within a short span of time, the Company extended the domain of its activity to the neighbouring villages also. The company got great acceptance among the people, where ever the company started business by opening branches.

Till 2015, the main business of the Company was Chitty and Gold Loan. During this period the company introduced innovative schemes in chitty business. This type of activities helped us to grow very much.

When The Central Chit Funds Act 1982 came into force in Kerala as per Kerala Chit Funds Rules 2012, the Management of Sajilee Group, under the leadership of Managing Director Mr. Sebastian M Joseph, decided to Register more Companies exclusively for gold loan and business loan in line with the Rules and Regulations .Accordingly a company namely Sajilee Nidhi Ltd were registered under the Companies Act 1956 which were intended exclusively for conducting secured loans and business in Tamil Nadu and Kerala respectively.

Further, the management realizing that the financial needs of the people cannot be met by chit business alone, the following three companies incorporated under the Companies Act 1956 were started at the initiative of Mr. Sebastian M Joseph, Chairman and managing Director with different objectives.

  • Sajilee Nidhi Ltd, under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt of India
  • Sajilee Credit & Investment Pvt Ltd, a Non-Banking Financial Company regulated by the RBI regulations under the Reserve Bank of India Act
  • Sajilee Insurance Marketing Pvt Ltd, An IRDAI approved company
  • Sajilee Marketing and Consultancy Pvt Ltd, under the Ministry of Corporate Affirs, Govt of India

Thus, under the flagship of Sajilee Group of Companies came into existence. Now, Sajilee Group of Companies has the status of a Financial Super Market, where people can get all financial services of Loans and Investments.

Sajilee Group currently has 10K+ satisfied customers and 8+ branches spreading over Thrissur, Palakad and Malapuram Districts in Kerala and Coimbatore and Chennai in Tamil Nadu.